Monday, October 3, 2011

Treat 7: It's no secret I love brunch

I know I just wrote a treat today but while the juices are still flowing and the food experiences of my Sydney trip are still fresh I will keep treating.  So it's no secret I love brunch, I plan walks with friends around lakes just so I can get my poached eggs at the end.  The walk is non-compulsory but the brunch is a must. I will state now my favourite brunch place in Perth is... drumroll please... Sayers in Leederville.  Why?  Because whatever you order you can't make at home.  Plus they give you poached eggs with everything and if there's one thing I love about brunch the most it's poached eggs.  So in Sydney there was many occasions for brunch.  First stop Bills in Darlinghurst owned by celebrity chef Bill Granger who I admit I don't know much about but my friend Kirsty has his book and she says it has a good baking section.  The menu at Bills has an all-day breakfast so already he's a winner in my eyes BUT here comes the scary part.  They don't do poached eggs - I repeat - they don't do poached eggs.  So after walking from the city down Liverpool Street to Darlingurst (when the Bills on Crown Street in Surry Hills would have been closer and less hilly) I came to the realisation that I had to have my eggs scrambled.   I overcome my worst fear and had my eggs scrambled and enjoyed what was a simple and very filling breakfast.  Another brunch experience is a family favourite introduced to me by my cousins and friends for having the best pancakes ever - and the winner is Pancakes on the Rocks.  I have been to 2 of the franchises - Darling Harbour and Northmead and either one you go to once you order the Banarama you are onto a winner.  On a personal note I like to make mine healthier by ordering strawberries and a scoop of chocolate ice cream for the antioxidants.  I tried being super healthy once and getting the pancakes with the walnuts and bananas but that was too walnutty - it had maybe half a kilo of them.  Where next on this brunching tour of Sydney - well here's an unorthodox twist - is 10am too early for macarons and amazing looking desserts?  Absolutely not, plus if you don't get in early you miss out (like my friend Kirsty who rocked up at 3pm to see a lonely loaf of bread - sorry Kirst is it too soon?)  Who am I talking about?  Adriano Zumbo's patisserie in Balmain of course.  I took my cousins there after arriving at 7am in Sydney and we went straight there.  We bought a selection of pizzas, pasteries and macarons and enjoyed them at the park nearby on what was a sunny day.  The pizza blew our socks off - the pumpkin and pesto flavour was insane and unexpected.  Here I was thinking it was all dessert we'd be eating and it was the savoury that walked away as prize favourite.  The pasteries were also sensational and the random macaron flavours can impress or distress.  Flavours like wasabi and black sesame may have one scratching their heads, a recent flavour rice pudding had me puzzled but one bite and the texture of rice took me back to childhood and my mum's riz-bhaleeb (Lebanese rice pudding).  A special mention to the coffee creme brulee and raspberry shortbread flavours.  On this most recent Sydney trip my friends and I went back to the Balmain store and enjoyed the wonderful offerings again of Zumbo to a busy Sydney line where people were spending in the $100s.  Here's a hot tip! Zumbo's macarons are cheaper and tastier than the Lindt macarons - so do yourself a favour embrace the randomness of Zumbo and don't fall for the trap of the Swiss Chocolatiers (don't tell them I said that because I really love Lindt chocolate).  Now I want to get back to my favourite brunch topic - poached eggs! On the windy, cloudy and stormy Sunday where the Melbourne Storm weren't playing but Manly and Warriors were for the NRL Grand Final (sorry Sydney-siders I still struggle to use the word footy for rugby league)  we headed to Bondi for a swim.  As if! We went to Bondi for Sunday brunch because it sounded like a good idea at the time.  Even Bondi agreed with the wind blowing us towards the restaurants and away from the breach.  My friends and I went to Nikos on the main strip where I have been with my cousins previously and had a scrumptious breakfast.  The team of us (all three) ordered the exact same thing - flat white, poached eggs with spinach, mushroom, hash brown and tomato as sides.  The table next to us had this impressive mocha with melted chocolate and I had drink envy while I sipped my flat white.  The poached eggs were overcooked for my liking, I usually like mine runny but I won't fault the place because they had them spot on the last time I was there. There's a How I Met your Mother episode when Marshall goes on bromance brunch dates - I can relate brunch is such a relaxing and fun thing to do with friends and I will continue to make pretend exercise date with friends so I can brunch.  I also will make a shout out to Kirsty's brunch day when she had a few of us girls over to a feast of bircher muesli, eggs benedict and home-made pastries (she even made the puff pastry) with evidence in the photos attached.  I contributed by supplying the flowers on the table (well that's my dad's contribution - thanks dad!)  What have I proven in this treat - I love brunch but that was no secret anyway. So really you haven't learnt anything except that macarons are a breakfast group and exercise is not compulsory to indulge in brunch activities.

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  1. what a great post rita! I cracked up at this for a good minute: "BUT here comes the scary part. They don't do poached eggs - I repeat - they don't do poached eggs." lol. Macaroons and desserts for breakfast are right up my alley, sounds delicious :)